Tuesday, March 3, 2009

VegLifeAtl.com is coming!

Yes, that's right!! It's going to be a neat, fun site! And it's just for us! The Cool Veggies! And it's almost here!

To help it get here, we need writers! We need articles! Articles should be on any topic of veggie health, lifestyle, family, or food. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Possible health topics
healthy habits

Possible lifestyle topics
sustainable living

Possible food topics
spring foods
summer foods
theme menus

raising veggie kids
veggie pregnancy

Again these are just a few article ideas. You are the creative genius!

Hit us with your best shot...er, articles!

Edited to add (Thanks Pamela!): You can e-mail your ideas and article submissions to VegLifeAtl@gmail.com . We'll notify you when your article is selected. Once your article is selected, it will receive prominent placement on the site. In addtion, we'll include any relevant info about YOU too (name, picture, blog/website, etc.)


pderitis said...

How does one go about making a submission or pitching a story idea?

Flo said...

Such a great idea!!